Individual Retirement Planning and Investment Advice

Planning for retirement can be challenging, obscure and sometimes downright scary. Which investment vehicle is most appropriate for your needs and circumstances? What are the tax implications? What will you pay in commissions, and is your advisor giving value for that money?

At Verso, our mission is to turn this anxiety and confusion into the confidence that you are making decisions that will enable you to retire in security and comfort. Our award-winning team is committed to giving you the best possible investment advice, and we take great care to understand the unique personal needs of every single client.

We offer the following services to individuals:

Financial and Investment Planning

  • Independent financial advice to individuals who wish to:
    • Save for retirement
    • Withdraw from pension funds
    • Invest ad-hoc lump-sums
  • Comprehensive investment proposals that take into account each clientʼs current financial situation and tax obligations.
  • Ongoing financial advice and reporting.
  • Investment admininistration.

Estate planning

  • Drafting of last wills and testaments that adhere to all legal requirements and are tax efficient.
  • Administration of trusts

Risk insurance

  • Advice on life, disability, severe illness and income protection insurance
  • Insurance administration services.

If youʼd like to speak to one of our advisors, either as a member of a scheme or as an individual, please contact us now.